5G Monetization

Nokia says – Telcos not ready to make money from 5G : Telecoms.com

Telcos are woefully underprepared to make money from 5G, according to new research from Finnish kit vendor Nokia.

The company surveyed 100 CSPs worldwide and discovered that most do not have sufficient BSS systems in place to enable them to monetise 5G effectively. You could be forgiven for scrolling on past this headline finding, given that Nokia has a vested interest in persuading telecoms operators they need to buy more kit for 5G. But a closer look at the vendor’s survey results shows that even with some carefully-worded questions, there is an issue here.

Just 11% of CSPs have the required BSS capability required for 5G-enabled business models, including monetisation tools. Admittedly, we don’t know exactly how prepared or otherwise the 89% who said they are planning to modernise their BSS really are, but that’s still a sizeable number.

Similarly, a staggering 98% of respondents said they would need to alter their BSS in the coming years in order to put up-to-date monetisation tools in place. As Nokia puts it, that means that telcos understand the importance of having 5G-ready monetisation systems and the fact that they need to invest in that area. But you could also argue that just 2% of telcos are fully ready to get the best out of 5G.

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